Study Sessions on Mutual Aid and Cooperative Economics

By Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance (other events)

3 Dates Through May 15, 2020

In mutual aid efforts, communities come together to pool resources and distribute them as necessary. The same principle drives our most successful cooperatives: Resources are pooled and distributed as available and as instructed by the needs and desires of their members, rather than by arbitrary or harmful scales. In both instances, the core beliefs that “we are all in this together” and “our success and liberation is bound together” are held deeply.

How can we further understand the relationship between mutual aid efforts and cooperatives? Join Dominique for a conversational exploration of some case studies and hxstories, and how we can bring the lessons learned into the loving networks and liberatory co-ops our world so deeply needs today. They’ll be hosting three different study sessions on the first three Friday evenings in May; register for one, two, or all of them here!

Sliding scale contributions ($0-50) are welcome though not required.